Earth Day 2010

Welcome to Earth Day 2010… with a Kern Glass twist.  Living in Bakersfield & Kern County, we have some of the worst air in the country… making sustainable products even that much more important.  Over the years we have been working hard to make sure every one of the product lines we carry (Windows, Doors, Shower Enclosures, Moldings, etc.) is not only the best available to you as a consumer, but also come with a well made eco-friendly alternative.  Fortunately for us, and our future generations, sustainable products are not just a fad anymore… it a lifestyle.  At Kern Glass we strive to offer great alternatives to the typical products without having to spend more just for buying smarter.

AWDWindows: Just recently the world’s largest window manufacturer, Anderson Windows, released it’s first ever residential replacement window… the “100 series”.  This is great for the Bakersfield & Kern County area because of two reasons; 1 – Anderson Windows is the “greenest” window made, using heavily recycled products… and re-instituting it’s own waste into additional windows/doors; 2 – Anderson Windows is an amazing product giving you a very high quality of workmanship with a window that will both keep out our harsh summers and the grimy dirt that seeps in through an older window.  Anderson has always been a higher end, custom home, window… but with the new “100 Series” they have finally designed a window that is affordable to everyone.  In a nutshell, superior glass products with an eco-friendly design.

Doors: One of our most respected, and well received, entry door lines is from a company called T.M. Cobb.  Known for their line of well insulated fiberglass doors, T.M. Cobb has recently introduced the LEED certified Haley Green Door.  From the inception of this door in the forest, to the way it’s bound together, the Haley Green Door is by far the greenest door you can find on the market.

Listing all of our sustainable products would take months, but with just the two listed above you have an idea of the caliber in products we’re backing.  We hope that on this Earth Day you take a few minutes to truly contemplate how you buy not only your day-to-day items… but also the larger items that make a daily difference in your life.

Happy Earth Day!