House of Milgard Windows… for FREE!

Do your friends call you psychic?  Are you the best guesser you know?  Is guesser even a word?  Starting right now Kern Glass has teamed up with one of the top news stations in our market (KBAK TV-29 & KBFX Fox-58) to give away an entire house of Milgard High-Efficient windows.

Yes… you read correctly, GIVE AWAY!

There is only one catch, you have to be a good guesser (there is that word again).  Follow this link – KBAK/KBFX Website – and simply guess the day and time you think it will first hit 100 degrees.  That really is all there is to it!  No, seriously… that’s it.  So break out your farmer’s almanac, your best thinking hat & your crystal ball… and start guessing.  Good luck, and we’ll see one of you after it hits 100.