Cooking on the Sidewalk…

While today may have been a breezy and cool 85-degrees, before you know it we’ll be hot enough to cook eggs on the blacktop!  Why am I mentioning this you ask?  Because what I just wrote means that KGFM 101.5 is still looking for the ultimate closet meteorologist to guess the closest date and time it will hit 100-degrees.

Now I know we’ve all been driving around and the little thermometer in our car has already shown 134-degrees (well, maybe it just felt that way)… but KGFM is counting the century mark using the mercury stated by our friends at the Bakersfield Californian.  We have some amazing Alpine windows ready for the taking friends… so take action, hurry up and go make your guess at  After you spend a few more minutes cruising the likes of our awesome website that is.

Good Luck!!!!